The key to Success Is God, first

Good day to you all here, am just about to share a short story about what happened to me when I had no hope anywhere

One day, I was sleeping in my room, and I heard someone talking to me in my dream, that’s the person said to me am going to bless you through someone’s work and that talking to me was the Almighty God and the voice still said that you will have to go and look for work tomorrow morning and the world will also hear and know you through this process

After the dream, I woke up that morning and try on what I heard from my dream last night and when I tried to get a job then someone I went for many times but I never had the chance to work for him, call me on my way to look for work in a different town then he said, to me that I should come to his office then I turn back and went to his office

He said to me that am very lucky to get this work because he never wants to get me this chance but something happens to help me with this work but I should be serious and hardworking that was how God bless me and now am very blessed with the Almighty Time

What we take with us when we die

Since my return to blogging in April 2020, following my year of mourning for Papa, I have searched for interesting and likeminded blogs with themes similar to my Skeptic’s Kaddish. Just recently I was very gratified to come across a blog by Amanda Achtman called ‘Dying to Meet You’, in which she has taken to […]

What we take with us when we die

Alleged fraud: Court dismisses charges against UK-based Medical Doctor, Obaro, wife

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court, on Thursday, dismissed fraud charges brought against a UK-based Nigerian Medical Doctor, Reuben-Olu Obaro, and his wife, Ayodele, also a practising nurse in the country. Justice A. O. Ebong, who dismissed the eight-count charge against them, held that the prosecution acted in bad faith in filing the charge. […]

Alleged fraud: Court dismisses charges against UK-based Medical Doctor, Obaro, wife

This Legal Hurdle Could Trip Up Biden’s Cancellation of Keystone XL Pipeline

A lawsuit from across the northern U.S. border over the Biden administration’s halting of an oil pipeline could hang on a Supreme Court ruling against the Trump administration related to the southern border.

This Legal Hurdle Could Trip Up Biden’s Cancellation of Keystone XL Pipeline

Hello, fans

Good Day to everyone who is getting time to read this, am very happy to have the chance to write to you this message is very important for everyone not only me??

Some people think life is not good but they had all that wrong, You have to stay safe from covid_19 your lives are very important to your families and friends so be sure of taking good care of yourself wherever you are , we need everyone safe

Gendering Covid19 in India

By Ayona Datta, UCL In April 2020, the Indian Government imposed a Covid-19 lockdown that within 6 hours shut down all schools, businesses, offices, shops, travel and all forms of public life. While lockdown was undeniably an assault on the working classes, its impacts were also striated across young and old women, girls and boys, […]

Gendering Covid19 in India
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